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Meet Tuxtla Gutiérrez through its gastronomy!
The Tuxtlecan cuisine is unique: it mixes perfectly the flavors of our land, Zoque inheritance that still lives in traditional kitchens. With mud, firewood and slow fire your best memories will be cooked.
Zoque gastronomic influence, the food of this area is based mainly on corn, such as tortillas, tascalate, tamales, among other dishes.
Delight yourself with dishes such as:
  • Sopa de chipilín con bolitas
  • Sopa de fiesta
  • Tamales de chipilín
  • Tamales de hoja de milpa
  • Tamal jacuané
  • Tamal de toro pinto
  • Tamal de cambray
  • Picte de elote
  • Zispolá/cocido de res con garbanzo
  • Puerco con acelgas
  • Conejo/venado en ciguamonte
  • Tasajo con frijol
Among many others of our wide gastronomic offer.
Sweeten your day with the rich desserts such as: 
  • Suspiro
  • Turulete
  • Nanche curtido
  • Jocote curtido
  • Puxinú
  • Nuégados
  • Gaznate
Refresh yourself with delicious: 
  • Aguas frescas de limón con chía
  • Tascalate 
  • Pozol de cacao or blanco, the most representative drink the cocoa or white pozol that you can accompany with enchilado hose and peanuts.
Do not miss our natural gastronomic event of great importance during the months of June and July when the rains begin which is the arrival of the nucú also known with the following names depending on the region: tzitzim, quiss and chicatana. It is customary to eat dry, toast and bathed with lemon and a touch of salt. You have to try it!

Each element of our culinary art speaks of the origin and identity of our peoples, so attending the feast of flavor offered by Tuxtla Gutiérrez becomes an exciting experience.

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