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Martes, 18 de Mayo 2021

Visit one of the most ancient contemporary gardens in Mexico: the jungle-like garden, situated in the heart of the city.
Take a walk through its forested paths, where 98% of the flora found are endemic species coming from different warm regions. Visitors will be able to identify their scientific and common names, family, habitat, and the use given to each one. 
The visit of this garden ends with a stop at the Botanical Museum, which holds an exhibition on endemic timber and fossil trees.
Be sure not to miss the Aerial Park in the treetops!
Tuesdays to saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Guided visits 

Av. Central Poniente between 8ª and 9ª poniente.

Entrance fees
  • General $10.00 MXN
  • $ 10.00 MXN for the Aerial Park


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