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One of the most beautiful parks in the city.

Located on the western side of the city and close to some of the main hotels, there is this recreational park called JOYYO MAYU, which means “Flor de Mayo”, in Zoque.  
Its green areas, surrounded by fruit trees like: Zapote, and Mango, and by Matilisguate trees, makes it the perfect spot for some family outdoor activities.  And a diversity in fauna can be seen within its two natural pools and lagoon.

Several bridges connecting Joyyo Mayu to Caña Hueca Park traverse the Sabinal River, it lies walled amongst ancient Sabino trees.
Facilities and Featured Attractions
  • Playgrounds
  • Pleasant cafeterias
  • A 850-meter bicycle trail
  • Leasing of quad bikes and bikes
  • A 1.100-meters track
  • A 10-m height climbing wall with high safety standards
  • Joyyo Mayu Park (Canopy) with 16 treetop challenges having high safety standards
  • Two bandstandsused for meetings or workshops
  • A swimming pool for 6 or 12 year-old kids
  • Restrooms, public lighting and security
  • Parking lots

Everyday from  6:00 am to  9:00 pm

5a. Norte, Centro, Joyo Mayyu, 29000 Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chis.


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