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Live a great adventure in one of the greatest jungles in Chiapas, green all year round!
Nestled in one of the most impressive natural reserves in Mexico and Chiapas, the “Biosphere Reserve: El Ocote Jungle”. The Aguacero Waterfall of 74 meters high.
Descending approximately 900 steps.
El Encanto Cave
Go through El Encanto cave, a grotto located 200 meters from the parking lot. It is an underground river with fresh and crystalline water that travels discreetly and silently until falling in the waterfall. Later, we will go down to the waterfall where you will be able to walk under it and enjoy it.
Hire tours with certified equipment and guides:
Tours with Ecoexperiencias
Tel. 01 (961) 61 32511, 01 (961) 61 22645 ext. 101 a 103
Cel. (916) 100 88 22
Local guide contact: 045 9681069019
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